August 9: Atlantic City

Martha Wainwright was great last night. I was so high on life and P and I both looked so cute. Him in his suit and me in my 1950’s yellow dress. We laughed on the way down to AC, then talked to some woman sitting in the row behind us. Martha was fabulous. I practically cried when she sang BMFA. It has always been such an empowerment song for me. My divorce theme song, actually, you bloody motherfucking asshole

She also did some other great tunes I hadn’t heard. Afterwards, went to Wolfgang Puck’s and had a pretty amazing dinner. P loved his burger so much that now our anniversary will be shared by the Great Burger he had on August 8th.

We tried to gamble a little too. I think I took away his fun when I said, let’s walk away now. I was up $4.75 and P was up $9.75. I know I’m no fun. But hey, $14.50 all total ain’t so bad.

We came home fairly early and made love. I think he came pretty quickly, inside. And I came later, on his lap. Though I really didn’t want it to be about that, it kinda was anyway.

Anyway, we both slept fairly well. Who knows what he’ll want to do today, if anything.

My mom is having spaghetti dinner at her house tonight. The woman just doesn’t stop. This is like seven times in a row. She’s definitely going to want a long break. [Looking back, I now know why. Her brother (my Uncle) was dying. She wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.]


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