August 13: I have to say that yesterday was the closest I felt to P in a long while. He touched me all over, and massaged my neck, and took care of me, all because I had an excruciating headache. And I mean excruciating. He called me in the afternoon and asked if I could come down and eat with him since he didn’t have to be at work until 10:30pm. I said sure, but once I got there, the headache turned ugly and I felt horrible. And yet, it felt so nice to have his hands on me like that. He even insisted on driving. We ended up at Applebees eating bad food that we regretted eating. Before that, I took a killer class at the gym: muscle your metabolism. I want to take that at least twice a week to get all this flabbiness gone. I’m in pain today, but my body feels great. Great pain. I baked two zucchini breads—one for me (was someone just complaining about flab?) and one for P, to help him save his money. I also worked. Alice hated my design, so, it’s back to the drawing board.

P called late last night too, to see if I was feeling better and said he was happy I came out, and that he loves me. I love him too.

I dreamed that an old guy friend of mine was hanging out with P and I in P’s VW bus and that some circus truck came by to pick P up and take him to the grocery store where he works. The guy friend and I decided to go too. It was a very carnivalesque moment.

I’ll be down the shore today with my Aunt and my cousin. That aught to be nice. I have to get moving because as tradition has it, we should be on the beach no later than ten, soaking in the sun.

I can’t wait to have TIME with P. I miss him horribly. Did he spoil me so much yesterday that I can’t get my fill now? Ah, love addiction.




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